1001 Roosevelt Avenue

1001 Roosevelt Avenue

Linden, NJ

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Demographic Highlights

Household Income

  •    In 2018, Carteret, NJ had a population of 23,700 people with a median age of 36.7 and a median household income of $74,676
  •    Households in Carteret, NJ have a median annual income of $74,676, which is more than the median annual income of $61,937     across the entire Unite States.
  •    This is in comparison to a median income of $73,892 in 2017, which represents a 1.06% annual growth.

Business Environment

  • The economy of Carteret, NJ employs 11,600 people.• The largest industries in Carteret, NJ are Transportation & Warehousing (1,638 people), Health Care & Social Assistance (1,374     people), and Retail Trade (1,219 people).
  • The highest paying industries are Utilities($67,019), Wholesale Trade ($66,446), and Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services ($66,375).


Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Port Newark, Newark Liberty Airport,

Carteret is near New York Metro markets:

  • Access to New Jersey Turnpike, Route 1-9, Goethals Bridge, I-78, Lincoln and Hollands Tunnels.
  • Reach 130 million people – 33 percent of the US population – in 24 hours.



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