185 Industrial Parkway

185 Industrial Parkway


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Demographic Highlights

Household Income

  • With 14,940 people, Branchburg is the 177th most populated city in the state of New Jersey out of 565 cities.
  • The Census Bureau’s 2006–2010 American Community Survey showed that (in 2010 inflationadjusted dollars) median household income was $119,092 (with a margin of error of +/- $7,934) and the median family income was $136,310 (+/- $12,919). The per capita income for the borough was $51,387 (+/- $2,945).


Business Environment

  • Branchburg is considered a large town with 645 businesses. The economy of Branchburg employs 10,586 people and has an unemployment rate of 4.5%.
  • Some of the largest industries in Branchburg are Restaurants (20),Dentists (17), and Physicians & Surgeon (17).
  • Branchburg Township is the home to the 31 Tannery Project which serves as the corporate headquarters for Ferreira Construction, the Ferreira Group, and Noveda Technologies.
  • The 42,000-square-foot office and shop building was constructed in 2006. It was the first building in the state of New Jersey to meet New Jersey’s Executive Order 54 and the first net zero electric commercial building in the United States.


Central NJ, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Port Newark/ Elizabeth, & Newark Liberty Airport

Branchburg is near New York Metro markets:

  • With NJ Transit Train Station in Branchburg with service to NY Penn Station & NJ Transit Bus Stops near the site.
  • Access to New Jersey Turnpike, Route 1-9, GoethalsBridge, I-78, Lincoln and Hollands Tunnels.
  • Reach 130 million people – 33 percent of the US population – in 24 hours.


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