8 Hook Road

8 Hook Road

Bayonne NJ

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Demographic Highlights

Household Income

  • n 2019, Bayonne, NJ had a population of 65,100 people with a median age of 38 and a median household income of $63,947.
  • Between 2018 and 2019 the population of Bayonne, NJ declined from 65,300 to 65,091, a −0.32% decrease.
  • Median household income grew from $59,924 to $63,947, a 6.71% increase.

Business Environment

  • Cranford’s Riverfront redevelopment project on South Avenue brought restaurants and housing into downtown Cranford.
  • Cranford also has a strong commercial base. Downtown Cranford is well known for its many restaurants, unique specialty shops and has seentremendous investment and growth in recent years with several Transit-Oriented Development projects.
  • The Cranford Business Park, with easy access to the Garden State Parkway, major roads and Newark Airport, is home to several well-known national corporations.


Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Port Newark, Newark Liberty Airport,

Bayonne is near New York Metro markets:

  • With NJ Transit Light Rail Station to Hoboken Terminal with direct service to NY Penn Station & NJ Transit Bus Stops near the site.
  • Access to New Jersey Turnpike, Route 440, Bayonne Bridge, I-78, Lincoln and Holland Tunnels.
  • Reach 130 million people – 33 percent of the US population – in 24 hours.


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